Engineering and Design services, PCB Layout

The AN-D company

Providing a turn-key design services in the following areas:

PCB Layout

- any complexity, unlimited possibilities
- Altium, OrCad, Eagle, KiCad
- Rigid/FLEX, multilayer, HDI
- RF (up to 110GHz), special boards, chip bonding, hi-rel, UHV & Space
- design for Space per ECSS

- affordable pricing, negotiable work contract
- clean sheet designs, or board redesign/upgrade service
- experience, references & heritage in layout service for Space, Avionics, Telecom, Railway, Industrial and Military applications

HW & FW development

- C language
- safety code (railway, avionics, EN61508)
- embedded cyber security
- embedded Linux, embedded MCUs, FPGA
- RF SDR design
- complex HW development for Railway, Telecom, RF, Avionics, Space, Science, Industrial, and Military domains

Consultancy services

- embedded cyber security
- design review


Providing a turn-key, end-to-end PCB Layout service. Providing a 15+ years of active experience in the area of PCB layout, specializing on complex and critical designs, such as railway interlocking, avionics, military and civlian radar systems, space technology per ECSS, or industrial PLCs. Available design tools are Altium Designer, OrCad, KiCad and Eagle.


We are strictly a design service company. We do not produce nor sell any physical products. We are open to work with any EU/NATO based customer, such as academia, small or large companies, corporates - or also for any other HW design company, as a subcontractor.

Main contact

Please write me an email to [adam.nemcek @], or call (+420 776637670). Czech or English is perfecly OK.
Meeting in person is possible, after a previous arrangement.

We are located in Czech Republic, EU. Our primary method of work is fully remote. If required, there is no issue with an occasional on-site visit, as required.

EU CZ & NATO based, sole-contractor-trade company. Able to have (and having) EU security certification.